Graphics Troubleshooting

Yesterday I received an email with a couple of pictures of applied vinyl graphics with what looked like bubbles underneath the film. See the photo below. The message that accompanied the pictures read: “Could you please take a look at the enclosed pictures and help us with your assessment.”


Painting Blake’s Red Dragon

In reverse painting on glass learn which types of paint were used to paint William Blake’s Red Dragon…. About William Blake. Artistic genius is generally not recognized until long after the artist has passed away. Such was the fate of one of Britain’s greatest printmakers, painters and poets, William Blake. During his lifetime (1757 – […] Read more »

Paste Wax: the Finishing Touch

A final application of paste wax is a popular way put a shine on a dull finish.  Using a colored paste wax is also effective in disguising any imperfections on the surface of a woodcarving or on a piece of furniture. You can apply paste wax over a variety of other finishes, including varnish, shellac […] Read more »

Arlon’s DPF 8000

An Ideal Solution for Wall Graphics Many shops, which have printed wall murals in which the ink bleeds to the edge of the panel, have experienced edge curl issues with a variety of vinyl films. For permanent wall graphics applications, I would consider using Arlon’s DPF 8000 film.  DPF 8000 is a 3.5 mil (90 […] Read more »

Picture Perfect Wall Graphics

Applications to Smooth Walls Applying graphics to a flat, smooth, painted wall is easy. Still problems can and do occur.  Rarely are these graphics failures the result of application technique.  Instead improper surface preparation and poor material choices account for most problems.  If you follow the few simple rules in this article, your applications should […] Read more »

Problems Transferring Graphics?

Are you having problems  with you application tape transferring all of the letters from the release liner? Here are a couple of suggestions: 1.  In applying the application tape, use either a 3M gold nylon squeegee or a Teflon squeegee. Softer plastic squeegees and felt squeegees do not have sufficient hardness to cause the adhesive […] Read more »

How to Minimize Ghosting on Dry Erase Boards

Ghosting on dry erase boards is usually the rule, not the exception. If you want your dry erase board to look good years from now with minimal ghosting, you have to condition the surface, before you use it and you have to use the right markers.  I have used the RTape EZErase™ film on my […] Read more »

Moving and Wrapping Around the World

Are wrapping techniques any different in London than they are in Los Angeles? Find out from one of the United Kingdom’s top vehicle wrapping companies. From the U.S. to the U.K. sign makers are making more than signs wrapping vehicles. They are making profits. Find out how to turn a vehicles into a rolling advertisements. […] Read more »

The New American Sign Museum

A Dream Comes True With the opening of the new American Sign Museum  on June 23 this year, museum founder Tod Swormstedt achieved one of his dreams. As I walked past the brightly lit exhibits, I thought about what Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, had said: what a man can conceive of and […] Read more »

Priming and Painting for Wall Graphics Applications

Drywall Preparation, Priming and Painting In my story, Preventing Wall Graphics Failures, I mentioned that new drywall must be primed and painted properly to ensure good adhesion of pressure-sensitive vinyl wall graphics. You wouldn’t think that applying vinyl wall graphics to newly painted drywall should be a problem.  Of course, problems can and do happen. Especially when […] Read more »