How to Apply Vinyl Graphics to Banners

Application of graphics to vinyl banner material requires slightly different surface preparation and application techniques than other applications. What follows is a compilation of some suggestions to make your job easier.

Secure the Banner. Before applying pressure-sensitivevinyl graphics, tape or secure the banner to your work table surface using good quality, two-inch masking tape or by using clamps. Keeping the banner substrate taut (removing any slack) during the vinyl application will prevent wrinkles in the applied graphic.

Substrate Preparation.  While new banner material right out of the box may look clean, chances are that the surface is contaminated with plasticizer oil.  Handling the banner with your grubby paws can also leave skin oils on the fabric surface. These contaminants require that the surface of the banner material be prepared properly.   Failure to clean the surface can cause adhesion failure and tunneling.

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Rules for Overlaying Heat Transfer Films

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Imprimatura: Toning the Substrate

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