Paste Wax: the Finishing Touch

A final application of paste wax is a popular way put a shine on a dull finish.  Using a colored paste wax is also effective in disguising any imperfections on the surface of a woodcarving or on a piece of furniture. You can apply paste wax over a variety of other finishes, including varnish, shellac and drying oils, such as tung oil or boiled linseed oil.   Woodcarvers will also apply paste wax directly onto raw wood. Read more »

How Vehicle Surveys Save Time & Money

On-site inspections and vehicle wraps Early in the sales process, before a quotation request is submitted, before the design begins, and before anyone signs on the dotted line,   the sales person should conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicles. Vehicle wrapping is business of details. There are so many variables in designing, manufacturing and installing […] Read more »

Painting Acrylic Signs

The extraordinary clarity of acrylic sheet makes it an excellent substrate for backlit signs, which is why it remains the product of choice. Acrylic is typically painted in reverse on the second surface of the sheet.  Acrylic provides tremendous protection from the degrading effects of UV light. A number of different paints are available for […] Read more »