How Vehicle Surveys Save Time & Money

On-site inspections and vehicle wraps Early in the sales process, before a quotation request is submitted, before the design begins, and before anyone signs on the dotted line,   the sales person should conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicles. Vehicle wrapping is business of details. There are so many variables in designing, manufacturing and installing […] Read more »

Testing for Outgassing

Outgassing refers to the release of a gas from some type of material. Natural materials, such as plywood, can outgas vapors as the glues used in its manufacturing cure. Just about any synthetic substance will outgas, too. The list of synthetic materials includes paint, polycarbonate and fiberglass. Read more »

How to Sell Your Airbrushed Vinyl

Butch ‘Superfrog’ Anton shares his secrets of his success in selling airbrushed vinyl. Hint: it’s a three-tiered pricing approach. Read on to learn more. It’s time to get a return on the time and money you’ve invested into becoming an expert at airbrushing on vinyl. Learn how to generate a buzz and close the sale […] Read more »

Marvelous Magnets Can Open Up New Revenues from Tradeshows to Vehicles

What do you get when you combine magnets with vinyl? Some marvelously magnetic creations that demand attention. Flexible magnets are opening new marketing doors for companies large and small. In fact, the possibilities are virtually as endless as your imagination. Read more »

Vehicle Wrapping Contracts 101

Wrapping vehicles without a signed contract that spells out what the customer should expect – and shouldn’t expect – from your sign shop is a mistake that could cost you. Find out how to avoid liabilities with a solid contract. Read more »

How to Wrap a Red Hot Ferrari

Wrapping a Ferrari may sound like a sexy job – and it is – but it’s unlike most other vehicle wraps. Find out how. Few cars are curvier than a Ferrari. Discover how to navigate the challenges of applying vinyl to a racecar. What do you get when you cross Avery Graphics film with a […] Read more »

A Megawrap with Flavor – vinyl installer wraps world’s largest beer can

Discover the challenges of wrapping a monumental can — and keeping it realistic from top to bottom. How would you go about wrapping a beer can so big that Paul Bunyan would have had to use two hands to slug it down? Impossible? Not according to Avery Dennison Graphics and the wide-format graphics designers at […] Read more »

Seamless Wraps 101 – Deciding when to go seamless and when not to

Discover how – and when – to do a seamless vehicle wrap. Seamless wraps demand careful planning – and even then they can be a challenge. Find out how to approach a seamless wrap and when to consider a partial wrap instead. The seamless wrap. It’s the Holy Grail of the vehicle wrapping industry. Some […] Read more »

3-Step Prep for Vehicle Graphics

Whether you are installing trailer graphics or doing a full wrap of a car or van, surface preparation involves a three-step process of detergent washing, solvent cleaning and a final wipe down with IPA. Step 1. Vehicles should be washed the day before vinyl application with detergent and water. This should remove much of the […] Read more »