Boat Wraps Boast Big Opportunity for Vinyl Installers

Wrapping boats may be the next big thing as the vehicle wrapping trend extends itself from the highways to the waterways.

You’re already wrapping cars, why not venture into the wonderful world of boat wrapping and expand your business?

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System Inc. Takes Dominion on Powerboat Wrapping Industry

Feeling creative? The water sports industry is hungry for cutting-edge designs printed on vinyl and applied to powerboats that are ultimately seen by hundreds of thousand of people in competitions around the country. Read more »

Cleaning Polycarbonate Sheet Before Vinyl Application

Polycarbonate is one tough plastic.  Not even Dirty Harry with his .44 magnum could blast through a one-inch sheet. To use Harry’s words: “a man has to know his limitations”. Read more »

A Megawrap with Flavor – vinyl installer wraps world’s largest beer can

Discover the challenges of wrapping a monumental can — and keeping it realistic from top to bottom. How would you go about wrapping a beer can so big that Paul Bunyan would have had to use two hands to slug it down? Impossible? Not according to Avery Dennison Graphics and the wide-format graphics designers at […] Read more »

Getting Ready to Wrap a Boat?

Wrapping boats isn’t rocket science-and you can learn a lot from your vehicle wrapping endeavors-but installing vinyl on a boat is different than applying vinyl to a vehicle. Find out why. Before you set out to apply vinyl to a boat, be sure you have all your templates, materials and tools in a row. So […] Read more »

Applying Vinyl Over Curves, Body Creases and Molding

Installing graphics on vehicles ­ or wrapping entire vehicles for that matter ­ presents some unique challenges rarely encountered on other substrates. Find out how to get around these difficult issues. Need some practical tips, tricks and techniques for applying vinyl over curves, molding and body creases? Read on for information that will add to […] Read more »

When to Use Wet

While most professionals and manufacturers prefer to install vinyl dry, there are occasions when wet is the way to go. While it’s true that the dry installation method of vinyl application saves time and money, let’s face it, not every graphic installer has the necessary skills or experience. Read more »

How to Apply Vinyl Graphics Over Rivets

Applying vinyl graphics on vehicle surfaces with rivets is challenging for most sign makers. Vinyl failures to these surfaces are all too common. Here are some tips and procedures, used by professional decal installers, which will make these demanding applications easier and more trouble-free. Read more »

DuPont Surface Cleaners

In the movie, Karate Kid, do you remember the instruction that Mr. Miyagi gives Daniel on waxing a car?“Wax on, right hand. Wax off, left hand. Wax on, wax off.  Don’t forget…very important.” Read more »