Printing Claritex® Top-Coated Polycarbonate Films

Tips for Digitally Printing & Laminating Top-Coated  Polycarbonate Films

 RTape’s Claritex® 10 mil bright white velvet-matte polycarbonate films feature a specially formulated ink-receptive coating for solvent, ecosolvent and latex inkjet printers. The good hold out characteristic of the top coating keeps the colorant of the ink on its surface for brilliant color reproduction. The coating also quickly absorbs the ink, which prevents bleeding and maintains the integrity of the dot structure for superb print sharpness. Its fast absorption of ink also promotes fast drying times for unimpeded output. Read more »

Painting Flames

And Other Uses for Application Tape. Protecting and transferring vinyl graphics aren’t the only uses for application tape.  Here are some other uses for paper application tapes. 1.      High tack application tapes, such as RTape 4075, are also used by painters and artists as a paint mask for custom painting of motor cycles, cars and trucks.  […] Read more »

Choosing the Best Ink to Print on Vinyl

Some digital print shops stick to the ink their printer manufacturer offers. But that might not always be the best choice for your vinyl print job. Your overarching goal is to match your ink to your media. Find out what you need to know. There are enough ink options on the market to make your […] Read more »

Applying Vinyl Over Curves, Body Creases and Molding

Installing graphics on vehicles ­ or wrapping entire vehicles for that matter ­ presents some unique challenges rarely encountered on other substrates. Find out how to get around these difficult issues. Need some practical tips, tricks and techniques for applying vinyl over curves, molding and body creases? Read on for information that will add to […] Read more »

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark offers proof positive that effective sign design can inform, entertain, commemorate ­ and stand out in a crowd. Signs speak volumes. But signs in hustling bustling environments often speak too much, too loud, or perhaps even too subtlety to communicate the message. Let’s face it. Poorly designed signs breed a sense […] Read more »

Blasting Your Way to Profits with Glass Etching

Blasting glass can help boost your bottom line. Find out how sandblasting glass is the same ­ and different ­ from other substrates. Can you sandblast with the best of them? If you’ve got the equipment and the skill to blast stone, ceramic or wood, then there’s no reason not to consider expanding your business […] Read more »

Applying Vinyl Graphics to Aircraft

Are you ready to let your business fly high? Applying vinyl graphics to aircraft may be your next big opportunity. There are opportunities to apply vinyl to aircraft, but it takes special materials and a steady hand to get into the business. Read more »

The Challenges of Creating Architectural Signage

Understanding the common pitfalls of creating indoor and outdoor architectural signage before you begin can save headaches for you and your customers. Your clients depend on architectural signage to do more than communicate a message. Architectural signage must also help build the brand name of the company it serves. Read more »

When to Use Wet

While most professionals and manufacturers prefer to install vinyl dry, there are occasions when wet is the way to go. While it’s true that the dry installation method of vinyl application saves time and money, let’s face it, not every graphic installer has the necessary skills or experience. Read more »