Selecting the Right Screen Print Fabric

Selecting the Right Screen Print Fabric

This article provides recommendations in selecting mesh for screen printing signage and large format graphics.

By Jim Hingst @hingst_jim

One of the most important aspects of screen printing is selecting the right screen print fabric for the job. The screen print fabric serves two key functions. First, it supports the stencil.  And second, it allows for and regulates the flow of ink onto the substrate.

In fact, the screen print fabric is critical in determining the quality of the finished product. No other variable affects the resolution of the print, the thickness of the ink deposit and ink consumption as much as the fabric. Read more »

Graphics Troubleshooting

Yesterday I received an email with a couple of pictures of applied vinyl graphics with what looked like bubbles underneath the film. See the photo below. The message that accompanied the pictures read: “Could you please take a look at the enclosed pictures and help us with your assessment.” Read more »

Accelerating the Curing Process

Printing and Cutting Heat Transfer Appliques Using Roland’s BN-20 Many T-shirt shops have purchased Roland’s VersaStudio 20″ BN-20 Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutter so they can offer digitally printed heat transfer appliques to their customers. In addition to printing appliques, the BN-20 is also a nice entry-level machine for those shops expanding into the sign market. Read more »

Dimples in Paper Application Tape

Dimples on a person’s face are usually regarded as being attractive and desirable. But dimples on the surface of paper application tape…not so much!  In fact, dimples in the application tape are aesthetically unappealing. In most cases, however, a little dimpling does not mean the roll is bad and can’t be used. Generally, sign makers can […] Read more »

Application of Vinyl Graphics to Acrylic Signs

When decorating acrylic sheet, selecting the right vinyl film for the job depends on a variety of factors: Read more »

Using SuperFrog’s Frog Juice

For years I have recommended edge sealing the RTape VinylEfx® films with SuperFrog’s Frog Juice, which is an acrylic enamel automotive grade clear coat. While it is great for protecting vinyl graphics, you can also use it for other applications, such as clear coating digital prints and even gold leaf. Read more »

Color Trends

Popularity of colors among designers and consumers can vary from year to year. To keep pace with color trends, vinyl film manufacturers and paint companies try to gauge changes in the marketplace. Colors from the world of fashion and interior décor have impacted color selection in the automotive market and in corporate graphics. Bold and […] Read more »

Preparing Floors for Floor Graphics

Learn how to how to laminate the graphic, how to place it, how to prep the surface, and how to install the graphic so it will stay put and do its job. With floor graphics representing a $2 billion industry, can you really afford not to get involved? The answer for most of you is […] Read more »

Problems with Static Electricity

In much of the country September ushers in climatic changes.  As the autumn air becomes colder, the humidity of the air outdoors decreases.  The drop in humidity can result in an increase of problems related with static electricity. Static problems in print shops are further exacerbated, as we switch from air conditioning to a heating […] Read more »

Processing Instructions for CoolPrint

Some articles, such as umbrellas, backpacks, computer bags and raincoats, are difficult if not impossible to heat press.Now you have a cool new option from RTape Corp. It’s a printable, pressure-sensitive polyurethane film called CoolPrint. The new film sticks to virtually every surface. It even sticks to surfaces with a hydrophobic coating. And it sticks […] Read more »