Toning Metal Leaf with Liver of Sulfur

Exposed to the elements, many metals oxidize. When they do, they change colors. Copper and bronze will sometimes develop an attractive verdigris of green. As they weather, metals will also darken, turning their brassy colors to antique hues of brown. The term most frequently used for the weatherworn coloration that metals develop is patina. 7 Read more »

3-Step Prep for Vehicle Graphics

Whether you are installing trailer graphics or doing a full wrap of a car or van, surface preparation involves a three-step process of detergent washing, solvent cleaning and a final wipe down with IPA. Step 1. Vehicles should be washed the day before vinyl application with detergent and water. This should remove much of the […] Read more »

Shopping for a Heat Press

With so many makes and models of heat presses, selecting one is usually confusing.  To make the right purchasing decision for your business, you need to thoroughly investigate your options. Start by asking the right questions. Here’s what you should know before you sign on the dotted line. The most important question revolves around your projections […] Read more »

Wrapping the Fair

If you think wrapping mega slides is the same as wrapping cars, think again. Discover how to navigate the challenges that could spell opportunity for you. Wrapping rides at fair grounds spells opportunity for one vehicle wrap company ­ after the learning curve. There are megawraps and then there are megawraps. Wrapping rides at the […] Read more »

E-Waste Plastic Sign Substrate

Waste Not, Want Not Adversity brings out the best and the worst in people.  In some parts of the country, the theft of aluminum signs has risen dramatically during this protracted recession. Is it any surprise? With rising raw material costs, aluminum is valuable as scrap. To thwart criminals, traffic sign manufacturers are replacing aluminum […] Read more »

Getting Ready to Wrap a Boat?

Wrapping boats isn’t rocket science-and you can learn a lot from your vehicle wrapping endeavors-but installing vinyl on a boat is different than applying vinyl to a vehicle. Find out why. Before you set out to apply vinyl to a boat, be sure you have all your templates, materials and tools in a row. So […] Read more »

On-Premise Commercial Signage Curbs Traffic Accidents

Government research proves that signage helps drivers navigate unfamiliar roadways. Learn how to boost business while maintaining driver safety. Need some help selling on-premise signage? Appeal to your customer’s community loyalty with research that demonstrates signage helps curb traffic accidents. You’re on your way to that new Italian restaurant that everyone is raving about. You […] Read more »

Back to School: Sign Makers Seek CNC Router Education

Are you ready for prime time? Learn about educational programs that teach you the ins and outs of computerized routers. As dimensional signs gain momentum, many sign makers are seeking formal education to help them get the biggest bang for their routing bucks. So you’ve made a major investment in a CNC router. You went […] Read more »

Removing Rock Hard Tape Adhesive

 Application Tape Tip Every so often, I get a service call involving a sign maker or painter, who cannot remove the adhesive of our application tape from a substrate. I just receive one yesterday from a woman in southern California, who had left masked painted panels in the sun. The panels became so hot that […] Read more »

Difficult to Transfer Vinyl Graphics

Pick Up Tips Who hasn’t had the occasional problem in transferring vinyl graphics from its release liner? In many cases, the solution may be as simple as selecting a higher tack tape, or making a slight change in your application procedure. Here are a few pick up tips to make transferring vinyl a more uplifting […] Read more »