When Ink Is Not the Problem with Digital Printing, Part I

Variables like surface tension, media expansion and ink absorption take on new dimensions on larger substrates. If the paper doesn’t advance, it could cause blobs of ink or other ugly outcomes. If the media stretches even a little, you could get blurs. Tiling can become a challenge on larger prints. Read on to discover what to do when ink is not the problem. Read more »

When Ink Is Not the Problem with Digital Printing, Part II

Beyond dust and dirt, several factors impact the ink’s ability to stick to the substrate. The carrier ­ aqueous-based or solvent-based ­ is another key factor in the final outcome. Then there’s calibration. Read more »

Ink, Glorious Ink

You have two choices: buy cheap ink and yield cheap signs, or buy quality ink and yield quality signs. Find out why ink makes such a dramatic difference in large-format printing. Read more »

Picture Perfect Wall Graphics

Applications to Smooth Walls Applying graphics to a flat, smooth, painted wall is easy. Still problems can and do occur.  Rarely are these graphics failures the result of application technique.  Instead improper surface preparation and poor material choices account for most problems.  If you follow the few simple rules in this article, your applications should […] Read more »

Building Work Tables

Building a work table is easy enough for anyone to construct. What’s more, it takes very little time to build. And if you build it right, it could last you the rest of your life. Best yet, the cost is minimal, especially when you consider that you will use your work tables more than any […] Read more »

Storing Application Tape

Application tape manufacturers package their products in plastic sleeves, then box them in corrugated containers to protect the tape from light, dirt and humidity. If you’re not going to use the tape immediately, keep it in its box. Tape not stored in boxes is exposed to light, which can cause yellowing. Even shop lighting can […] Read more »

Are Premask and Prespacing Tape the Same Thing?

The plethora of terms used for the application tapes sold in the sign and screen print markets could confuse anyone. In the sign market, many people just use the terms “application tape” or “application paper”.  Frequently this tape is also incorrectly referred to as “transfer tape”. If you are a purist and want to pick a […] Read more »

Tips on Carving Western Red Cedar

In the sign industry, Western Red Cedar sign blanks are a popular choice because this affordably-priced wood is dimensionally stable and resists insects and decay. As a substrate for exterior signage, cedar can provide up to thirty years outdoor durability. Its workability also makes Western Red Cedar an excellent choice for sign makers. Because it […] Read more »

Preparing Floors for Floor Graphics

Learn how to how to laminate the graphic, how to place it, how to prep the surface, and how to install the graphic so it will stay put and do its job. With floor graphics representing a $2 billion industry, can you really afford not to get involved? The answer for most of you is […] Read more »