Boat Wraps Boast Big Opportunity for Vinyl Installers

Wrapping boats may be the next big thing as the vehicle wrapping trend extends itself from the highways to the waterways.

You’re already wrapping cars, why not venture into the wonderful world of boat wrapping and expand your business?

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Wrapping Vegas

The basic elements are the same with wraps of all sizes, but large mass transit wraps offer some additional challenges that offer valuable lessons from graphics installers of all shapes and sizes. Read more »

Problems Transferring Graphics?

Are you having problems  with you application tape transferring all of the letters from the release liner? Here are a couple of suggestions: 1.  In applying the application tape, use either a 3M gold nylon squeegee or a Teflon squeegee. Softer plastic squeegees and felt squeegees do not have sufficient hardness to cause the adhesive […] Read more »

The Difference between FlexCut Sticky and FlexCut Sweet

Both FlexCut Sticky and FlexCut Sweet are 100% polyurethane films. Other than that one similarity the two films are very different. Each product has its own unique performance properties. And these differences make one film a better choice for a specific application versus the other.  Still both films have their place in the product mix. And […] Read more »

Which Films Stick to Coated Fabrics?

Just before the beginning of WWII, American chemists developed synthetic polyamides.  Polyamides are complex molecules called polymers, which are comprised of smaller “amide” monomers. In nature, these polyamide molecules occur as proteins in fibers, such as silk and wool. In the modern world, the best known polyamides are nylons.   Because of their strength, elasticity and […] Read more »

Surface Prep for Glass Gilding

Proper prior preparation of a glass surface is absolutely critical to achieving good adhesion of the gold to the window. Contaminants on the glass could cause the gold leaf to flake off of the surface, if not immediately, than later down the road.  Read more »

Carving a Green Man

What is a Green Man? Images of men emerging from vegetation have been a common artistic motif for more than two thousand years. Some scholars believe that the image of the “green man” is somehow linked to the ancient Dionysian fertility rituals and the natural process of rebirth, which occurs in Spring. But what do […] Read more »