More on What You Need to Know About Rivets

Discover the ins and outs, dos and don’ts of installing vinyl graphics over rivets.  What you find out may surprise you.

Dealing with rivets is the price you pay for greater profits.  But applying over rivets need not be a nightmare if you have the right knowledge and skills.  Read more »

Avoiding Airbrushed Vinyl Mistakes

Perfecting the art of airbrushing on vinyl takes time but you can avoid beginner’s mistakes with a few insiders’ tips. Before you make big bucks airbrushing on vinyl, you’ll probably make plenty of mistakes.  Find out the common pitfalls so you can steer clear of trigger-happiness, poor lettering and the like. Read more »

Sign Software in Action

Discover how signmakers are using industry specific software to raise revenues, increase production – and get creative. All softwares are far from equal.  See how sign industry specific software can make your company more money faster than ever before.   Read more »

Should You Buy Ink in Bulk?

Discover the pros and cons of buying ink in large quantities. Want to save money on your ink budget?  Barring using third-party inks, you have two options: buy in bulk or install a bulk ink system. Read more »

Supply55, Inc. Launches New Website

Supply55, Inc. a leading provider of digital workflow products to the sign, screen and graphic arts market is pleased to announce the release of a completely new redesigned website and blog targeted at assisting the end-user community through the product selection and purchasing process. Built on the Volusion e-commerce platform the new Supply55 website […] Read more »

Choosing a Floor Graphics Overlaminate

Which Film is the Best? Today you have many more overlaminate options for floor graphics than were available ten years ago.  Polycarbonate and vinyl films — most of which are pressure-sensitive — are often used to protect floor graphics. Read more »

Safety and Latex Paints

In my articles on wall graphics I make a few recommendations on painting with latex paint. What I did not do was make any recommendations regarding safety. Who would  think that there are any health concerns when painting walls with latex paint? I never did. After all, latex paint is water-based and that’s safe, isn’t […] Read more »

Dimples in Paper Application Tape

Dimples on a person’s face are usually regarded as being attractive and desirable. But dimples on the surface of paper application tape…not so much!  In fact, dimples in the application tape are aesthetically unappealing. In most cases, however, a little dimpling does not mean the roll is bad and can’t be used. Generally, sign makers can […] Read more »

Application of Vinyl Graphics to Acrylic Signs

When decorating acrylic sheet, selecting the right vinyl film for the job depends on a variety of factors: Read more »