Selling Banners

Banner sales represent a significant segment of the sign industry. As well as durable outdoor promotional banners, other opportunities include lightweight vinyl banners, synthetic paper banners and printed fabrics for general purpose interior applications, such as Point-Of-Purchase banners and tradeshow signs. The smooth finishes of vinyl banner materials and top-coated fabrics are perfectly suited for printing high-resolution photographic images.


Interior banners can be used for cost effective product promotions, complementing advertising messages and marketing themes.  By reinforcing an advertising message, POP signage entices the consumer to make a buying decision on the spot.  According to POPAI, the international trade association for the Point-Of-Purchaseindustry, 70% of purchases are impulse buys.

Sales opportunities for sign makers are not limited to retail graphics. Other opportunities include banners for tradeshows, airport graphics, museum graphics, backgrounds for theater performances and signage for sporting events.

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