Unlocking the Psychology of Signage

Successful sign making depends on effective visual communication. Understanding how consumers relate to signage, then, is key to helping your customers unlock the door to greater revenues. Signage is a cornerstone to any profitable merchandising program. If you plan to become a value-add consultant to your customers, then you need to be able to explain […] Read more »

Faster than a Wrapped Locomotive

You can’t rely on templates when you work with locomotives. Discover how Wrapped Graphics approached wrapping a train. A locomotive wrap in California demonstrates the value of prep work. Wrapped Graphics might not be faster than a locomotive when it installs vinyl, but it has applied vinyl to a fast train. Wrapped Graphics, a wide […] Read more »

Vinyl Hints: Don’t Damage the Vinyl During the Installation!

You’ve invested in top-notch vinyl. You’ve spent hours designing and printing your graphics. You’ve gathered your tools and prepared the substrate. Now your customer is anxiously awaiting delivery. There’s no time for mistakes. You can’t risk damaging the vinyl or the substrate and you want to make sure the client doesn’t do damage over the […] Read more »

Is Your Business Flex-ible?

If you haven’t explored flexible face signage, then you could be missing out on yet another way to build your business. Discover the benefits of flexible-face signage and add another service to your growing sign shop.   Flexible-face is not exactly the new kid in town. Sign makers have been using flexible-faces for everything from […] Read more »

Tri-Message on a Truck

Mobile Tri-Message signage is changing the face of the billboard industry. Mobile billboard trucks are adding yet another dimension to the advertising mix. So what do you get when you cross three-message displays with mobile billboard trucks? You get a whole new realm of possibilities for advertisers. Read more »

Vinyl Techniques: Considering Environmental Conditions

While an indoor facility with controlled temperatures is an ideal atmosphere for vinyl application, that is not always an option. Many smaller shops do not have garages large enough to hold vehicles and storefront windows are subject to external temperatures. All cut, weed, mask and release operations are subject to the conditions of the environment. […] Read more »

Boosting Adhesion in Dry Applications

The line is seemingly split right down the middle between accomplished, professional installers and less experienced applicators. The bottom line is your choice of wet or dry application will depend on the application situation and your skill level. While beginners often start off with wet applications, abandoning the solutions and installing dry offers many advantages. Read more »