Breaking Through the Communication Barrier

Selling today is much more difficult than it was forty years ago, when I started as a salesman. Back then, people would actually answer their phones, and in some cases, even let you in their buildings before they booted you out.

The business culture has dramatically changed since then. Now many companies have restricted their lines of communication.  In some cases it can be nearly impossible to talk to any of the key managers. Voicemail is a major screening device. Some companies have even replaced receptionists with automated phone systems. The dilemma is that many companies will not see salespeople without an appointment. And the salesperson cannot ask for the appointment, when no one answers the phone. Read more »

Paint Driers

Paint driers (dryers) accelerate the chemical reaction that occurs as an oil paint cures. Artists, house painters and sign painters have used driers, such as Japan Drier, for years to accelerate drying. These driers can be useful when you need to paint two coats in one day. Read more »

Why Start Your Own Business

Even with all of the risks, the rewards of owning a small business such as a sign shop or Tee-shirt business often outweighs the disadvantages. From a financial standpoint, if your current employer pays you much less than you think you can make on your own, it may be time to start your own business. […] Read more »