Selling Banners

Banner sales represent a significant segment of the sign industry. As well as durable outdoor promotional banners, other opportunities include lightweight vinyl banners, synthetic paper banners and printed fabrics for general purpose interior applications, such as Point-Of-Purchase banners and tradeshow signs. The smooth finishes of vinyl banner materials and top-coated fabrics are perfectly suited for printing high-resolution photographic images.


Interior banners can be used for cost effective product promotions, complementing advertising messages and marketing themes.  By reinforcing an advertising message, POP signage entices the consumer to make a buying decision on the spot.  According to POPAI, the international trade association for the Point-Of-Purchaseindustry, 70% of purchases are impulse buys.

Sales opportunities for sign makers are not limited to retail graphics. Other opportunities include banners for tradeshows, airport graphics, museum graphics, backgrounds for theater performances and signage for sporting events.

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Avoiding Edge Curling When Printing Full Bleeds

Why the Simplest Solutions are Generally the Best Printing heavy concentrations of ink to the edges of some films can result in edge curl. But there is a simple solution.  Read more »

Graphics Troubleshooting

Yesterday I received an email with a couple of pictures of applied vinyl graphics with what looked like bubbles underneath the film. See the photo below. The message that accompanied the pictures read: “Could you please take a look at the enclosed pictures and help us with your assessment.” Read more »

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Gatekeepers can block you from speaking to prospects. Learn how to improve your sales prospects in Jim Hingst’s article… Read more »

Puckering & Tunneling Tape

Tunneling of the application tape off of the release liner can cause sign makers headaches – especially when the graphics are rolled and shipped to a customer across the country. Here’s the problem. If the tape tunnels on the release liner, it can travel over the graphic. When this happens, it is virtually impossible for […] Read more »

Mold Growth on Application Tape

Mold spores are everywhere. You can’t see them. They just float around in the air, whether you are indoors or outside.  When these invisible spores land on a wet or moist material, they can begin to grow. In nature, mold serves the function of breaking down dead organic matter, such as leaves or fallen trees. […] Read more »

Accelerating the Curing Process

Printing and Cutting Heat Transfer Appliques Using Roland’s BN-20 Many T-shirt shops have purchased Roland’s VersaStudio 20″ BN-20 Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutter so they can offer digitally printed heat transfer appliques to their customers. In addition to printing appliques, the BN-20 is also a nice entry-level machine for those shops expanding into the sign market. Read more »

Application of Vinyl Graphics to Acrylic Signs

When decorating acrylic sheet, selecting the right vinyl film for the job depends on a variety of factors: Read more »

Gold Leaf: To Clear or Not To Clear

Most gilders agree that for most sign applications, you should not clear coat 23-karat gold leaf.  What differentiates gold from other metals is its brilliance. Clear coating diminishes its shiny surface. But as with all rules, there are exceptions. If it is likely that the general public will put their grubby mitts on the gilded surface, […] Read more »