Recreating a Weathered Appearance

Painted advertisements on the sides of old barns are an important part of the history of signage in America. At one time, thousands of barns were painted with ads for tobacco or animal feed. Today, very few of these barn advertisements exist. Most of these old barns have been demolished or fallen into disrepair. Read more »

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Some time ago, a sign maker wrote me that she was having problems getting past the receptionists and secretaries, who prevented her from speaking with her prospects.  Regardless of who you are, your level of industry experience or what you sell, getting past the gatekeeper is one of the most difficult hurdles that any sales […] Read more »

Mold Growth on Application Tape

Mold spores are everywhere. You can’t see them. They just float around in the air, whether you are indoors or outside.  When these invisible spores land on a wet or moist material, they can begin to grow. In nature, mold serves the function of breaking down dead organic matter, such as leaves or fallen trees. […] Read more »

United States Patent and Trademark Office Issues Patent for BannerPRO

Supply55, Inc. a leading provider of unique value added products to the sign, screen and graphic arts market has been issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for BannerPRO.   Read more »