Painting Blake’s Red Dragon

In reverse painting on glass learn which types of paint were used to paint William Blake’s Red Dragon….

About William Blake.

Artistic genius is generally not recognized until long after the artist has passed away. Such was the fate of one of Britain’s greatest printmakers, painters and poets, William Blake. During his lifetime (1757 – 1827), Blake was regarded as eccentric by some and mad by others. Not until the mid-nineteenth century was this visionary artist recognized for his expressionistic and surrealistic imagery. Blake’s prints elicit an extremely emotional experience in the viewer. Today, many art critics credit Blake’s gestural style for influencing expressionist painters of the 20th century, such as Edvard Munch. Read more »

Recreating a Weathered Appearance

Painted advertisements on the sides of old barns are an important part of the history of signage in America. At one time, thousands of barns were painted with ads for tobacco or animal feed. Today, very few of these barn advertisements exist. Most of these old barns have been demolished or fallen into disrepair. Read more »