Color Concepts

When you are learning about color, three concepts that you will need to grasp and add to your vocabulary are: hue, value and saturation.

Hue is synonymous with the color itself, such as blue, green, yellow, orange, red.  On a color wheel, the yellow, blue and red are described as the primary colors.

Value describes the lightness or darkness of a color. And saturation refers to the brightness or dullness of the color. Read more »

Painting Blake’s Red Dragon

In reverse painting on glass learn which types of paint were used to paint William Blake’s Red Dragon…. About William Blake. Artistic genius is generally not recognized until long after the artist has passed away. Such was the fate of one of Britain’s greatest printmakers, painters and poets, William Blake. During his lifetime (1757 – […] Read more »

Painting Acrylic Signs

The extraordinary clarity of acrylic sheet makes it an excellent substrate for backlit signs, which is why it remains the product of choice. Acrylic is typically painted in reverse on the second surface of the sheet.  Acrylic provides tremendous protection from the degrading effects of UV light. A number of different paints are available for […] Read more »

Safely Working with Pigment Powders

Making your own paint is a relatively easy process. All you need is powdered pigment and a binder. Depending on the type of paint you are making, you have a variety of choices for a binder, including linseed oil, acrylic emulsion, egg yolk and animal hide glue. The one ingredient that is common in all […] Read more »