Sign Media & Floor Graphics

In Sign Media Canada , Jodie Sawyer of Flexcon writes: “Floor graphics have been used in the retail sector for years to help shoppers find products on shelves or to direct their attention to special merchandising promotions. Studies have shown they typically result in a seven to 16 per cent sales lift. Read more »

How to Sell Your Airbrushed Vinyl

Butch ‘Superfrog’ Anton shares his secrets of his success in selling airbrushed vinyl. Hint: it’s a three-tiered pricing approach. Read on to learn more. It’s time to get a return on the time and money you’ve invested into becoming an expert at airbrushing on vinyl. Learn how to generate a buzz and close the sale […] Read more »

The Difference between FlexCut Sticky and FlexCut Sweet

Both FlexCut Sticky and FlexCut Sweet are 100% polyurethane films. Other than that one similarity the two films are very different. Each product has its own unique performance properties. And these differences make one film a better choice for a specific application versus the other.  Still both films have their place in the product mix. And […] Read more »

Wrapping Oil Rigs

A Texas sign shop is wrapping the big rigs ­ and we don’t mean trucks. Discover the ins and outs of wrapping in an oil field. Read more »

How to Wrap a Red Hot Ferrari

Wrapping a Ferrari may sound like a sexy job – and it is – but it’s unlike most other vehicle wraps. Find out how. Few cars are curvier than a Ferrari. Discover how to navigate the challenges of applying vinyl to a racecar. What do you get when you cross Avery Graphics film with a […] Read more »

Cleaning Polycarbonate Sheet Before Vinyl Application

Polycarbonate is one tough plastic.  Not even Dirty Harry with his .44 magnum could blast through a one-inch sheet. To use Harry’s words: “a man has to know his limitations”. Read more »

3-Step Prep for Vehicle Graphics

Whether you are installing trailer graphics or doing a full wrap of a car or van, surface preparation involves a three-step process of detergent washing, solvent cleaning and a final wipe down with IPA. Step 1. Vehicles should be washed the day before vinyl application with detergent and water. This should remove much of the […] Read more »

Painting Flames

And Other Uses for Application Tape. Protecting and transferring vinyl graphics aren’t the only uses for application tape.  Here are some other uses for paper application tapes. 1.      High tack application tapes, such as RTape 4075, are also used by painters and artists as a paint mask for custom painting of motor cycles, cars and trucks.  […] Read more »

Applying Vinyl Over Curves, Body Creases and Molding

Installing graphics on vehicles ­ or wrapping entire vehicles for that matter ­ presents some unique challenges rarely encountered on other substrates. Find out how to get around these difficult issues. Need some practical tips, tricks and techniques for applying vinyl over curves, molding and body creases? Read on for information that will add to […] Read more »

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark offers proof positive that effective sign design can inform, entertain, commemorate ­ and stand out in a crowd. Signs speak volumes. But signs in hustling bustling environments often speak too much, too loud, or perhaps even too subtlety to communicate the message. Let’s face it. Poorly designed signs breed a sense […] Read more »