How Vehicle Surveys Save Time & Money

On-site inspections and vehicle wraps


Early in the sales process, before a quotation request is submitted, before the design begins, and before anyone signs on the dotted line,   the sales person should conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicles. Vehicle wrapping is business of details. There are so many variables in designing, manufacturing and installing that can make or break a program. When you miss one of these details, it can cost you additional time in performing the installation, which is money out of your pocket. Here’s what you should look for:

  • What is the condition of the paint job? Inspect  for rust, body damage and peeling or chalking paint.  What corrective action needs to be taken prior to application of the graphics?
  • If the vehicle was just painted, what type of paint system was used? When was it painted?  Test whether the paint is fully cured by pressing your fingernail against the paint. An impression in the paint indicates that the paint has not fully cured.
  • If the graphics will be applied at the customer’s location, when will the vehicles be available?  What type of facility will be available to conduct the application?

Professional wrap shops generally invest in vehicle wrap software that includes templates for most popular vehicles. In many cases these templates are very accurate. Sometimes they’re not.  What do they say: better safe, than sorry. Take the time to measure everything bumper to bumper, including each individual body panel, roof, hood and trunk. Use these measurements to adjust the template.

Tip: Use cloth dress makers’ measuring tape. It has the flexibility to conform to the various curves of a vehicle.

Also, be sure to take pictures of each side, from every angle.  Salesmen and designers should always carry a camera with them wherever they go. When you conduct a vehicle survey, photograph everything that you measure.  Also, photograph every obstruction on the vehicle that the installer will encounter.  If a vehicle is damaged or rusted, photograph that.

The information that the sales person gathers in a survey is not only critical in estimating the installation of the graphics, it is also essential in the design process and ultimately it affects the overall outcome of the job.