Streamlining Your Large Format Printing Operation with KalaXY Automatic XY Cutters / Trimmers

One of the most valuable things in a print shop or sign operation is time, and if you’re in the wide format printing business, you know that time is money. The more efficiently your shop can produce high-quality prints, whether wallpaper, banners, or posters, the more profitable your business will be.

That’s where a KalaXY Automatic XY Cutter / Trimmer comes in. Engineered and manufactured in Europe by Kala Finishing Systems, this cutting-edge machine streamlines your finishing process, allowing you to produce high-quality prints with speed and precision.

So, what exactly is the KalaXY Automatic XY Cutter? Simply put, it’s one of the market’s most efficient and accurate machines designed to take a fully printed or unprinted roll of media and automatically cut it into square or rectangular formats. The machine can cut a wide range of materials, including paper (laminated or encapsulated), vinyl, wallpaper, reflective material, banners, canvas, DTF, and most other non-woven films up to 65″ in width. With operating speeds of up to 50 feet per minute and tolerances of less than 0.5mm on the Y-axis, the KalaXY Cutter is an ideal solution for those who need to produce large volumes of prints and graphics quickly and accurately.

Another significant advantage of Kala’s Automatic XY Trimmers and Cutters is their line of accessories to accommodate any printer’s finishing requirement. We offer tables for stacking sheets, a single mandrel rewinder, and a dual mandrel rewinder for wallpaper applications or any other material needing to be rewound onto a core. The KalaXY trimmer can accommodate rolls up to 110 lbs. For heavier rolls, we offer three different jumbo unwinders to handle material ranging from 440 lbs. to 1,760 lbs. All KalaXY Trimmer accessories can be added at a future date allowing customers to upgrade their cutters as their business changes and grows.

KalaXY Automatic XY Cutters are a cost-effective solution in the long run for any shop trimming prints by hand or by a flatbed cutter. With their speed, precision, versatility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, they are quickly becoming a must-have tool for print shops that require a dependable and accurate cutting solution. Whether you’re producing wallpaper, posters, banners, or even dye sublimation mugs and hats, adding a KalaXY automatic XY cutter to your operation is a wise investment that can help streamline workflow, increase productivity and profitability. 

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