Marketing Neon In The New Millennium

LED vendors have done a masterful job of marketing their technologies, but the neon industry is fighting fire with fire.

With the rise of LEDs and fiber optics in the illuminated sign field, neon has come under fire. Some county sign ordinances are even outlawing neon. But the industry is not rolling over and playing dead. In fact, neon manufacturers and fabricators are fighting back with marketing strategies that promise to keep the industry’s light aglow in the 21st century and beyond.

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The New American Sign Museum

A Dream Comes True With the opening of the new American Sign Museum  on June 23 this year, museum founder Tod Swormstedt achieved one of his dreams. As I walked past the brightly lit exhibits, I thought about what Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, had said: what a man can conceive of and […] Read more »

Soaring Profits from Glistening Gateways

Airports are bustling with opportunities as architects bring sign builders into the design process to capitalize on 21st century trends. From wayfinding and security symbols to retail and promotional signage, modern airports are adopting new strategies and it’s paying dividends for sign builders. Success begins with understanding the latest trends in airport signage and identifying […] Read more »

The Super Bowl of Signs

Next generation scoreboards are offering new opportunities for sign makers who can design and install monstrous LED signs.  Find out what it takes to design, build and erect stadium signage and decide if you have what it takes to cash in on the opportunity for high-tech LEDs. LED technology ushered in a new era of […] Read more »