Stretching Garments Prior to Heat Pressing

Some screen printers, who print directly onto t-shirts or who print plastisol heat transfers, will stretch the garment before printing or heat pressing. By doing this, the weave of the shirt opens up allowing the ink to better penetrate the fibers of the fabric. This practice is believed to prevent cracking of the ink. Read more »

Puff, the Magic Inflatable Heat Transfer Film

Textile screen printers have used plastisol puff inks for years. These inks contain a special additive that causes the ink to expand after it is exposed to heat.  RTape/SEF FlexCut Sweet Puff films work in much the same way. Read more »

Reflective Heat Transfer Films

Attention-getting films provide motorists with advance warning to prevent accidents. Most people avoid the limelight. Others need to be seen. This is especially true of people, who work and play in poor visibility environments. By wearing garments decorated RTape/SEF ReflexCut retro-reflective heat transfer films, these people get all the attention they desire. Read more »

Introducing Tatoo Printable Heat Transfer Films

RTape Corp. (South Plainfield, NJ) introduces its SEF Tatoo heat transfer film, which is a white, printable, multi-layer polyurethane construction on a polyester liner or carrier. Tatoo films are printable using a wide range of digital printers, including solvent, ecosolvent and latex systems. The brilliance of the facestock and its chemical formulation allow for vibrant […] Read more »

Peel Recommendations for Heat Transfer Films

After you heat press an applique to a garment, how long should you wait before peeling the carrier or the hot mask from the applique?  A number of variables come into play, which are covered in my story: Heat Transfer Films: Hot, Warm or Cold Peel. The physical properties of the particular flex or flock film that […] Read more »

Application Tape Tips

Here are some helpful tips for working with application tape:  Whether you laminate application tape by hand or with a laminator, avoid trapping air bubbles between the vinyl graphics and the application tape.   Bubbles and wrinkles in the application paper often result in bubbles and wrinkles in the applied graphic, regardless of the skill and effort […] Read more »

The Importance of Fire Inspections

A Proactive Approach to Reducing the Risk of Fire The old saying, “forewarned is forearmed”, should remind us that conducting regular fire inspections is the best way to keep the incidence of fires low.  By identifying fire hazards in your shop, you can correct them before they cause a fire. Read more »

Heat Pressing Appliques on Leather

Back when Marlon Brando rode into Hollywood stardom in the Wild One (1953), the leather motorcycle jacket, adorned with a biker back patch, symbolized the country’s rugged iconoclastic spirit. Since the era of Brando, the popularity of real leather apparel has not diminished.  Little has also changed in how we embellish leather attire. Leather jackets and […] Read more »

Shopping for a Heat Press

With so many makes and models of heat presses, selecting one is usually confusing.  To make the right purchasing decision for your business, you need to thoroughly investigate your options. Start by asking the right questions. Here’s what you should know before you sign on the dotted line. The most important question revolves around your projections […] Read more »

Processing Printable Heat Transfer Films

If you have a solvent, ecosolvent or latex inkjet printer, you can decorate t-shirts, jackets and jerseys with colorful graphics and corporate logos using RTape Tatoo™, printable polyurethane heat transfer films.  Selling printed appliques to your existing customer base is a great way to increase your shop’s sales at high profit margins without a lot […] Read more »