Woodcarving Vise Swivels 360⁰


A good vise and an assortment of clamps are essential tools for woodworkers. Sometimes when you are carving, you need to secure the piece in an upright position, especially if you are working in the round. When I saw the woodcarving vise that swivels (pictured), I had to have it. The vise rotates 360⁰, which gives me access to all sides of my work. This eliminates the need to unclamp and re-clamp a carving to work at a desired angle.   The jaws of the vise open to 6 inches wide to hold thicker pieces of wood. Instead of gripping steel teeth that would dig into and damage a carving, the jaws of the vise are covered with pieces of wood surfaced with thick plastic. My new carving vise quickly mounts to a workbench with a threaded rod and wing nut and removes just as easily. If you don’t have a woodcarving bench, you will need to drill a 5/8” hole in the surface to accept the threaded rod. You can buy this model at Woodcraft. The cost for this type of vise is about $135 to $150.  Woodcarving vises with additional features will run $200 and more.