Wall to Wall Graphics Application

Learn the basics about wall graphics application, including site survey, material selection, wall painting, surface preparation and vinyl application techniques. 

By Jim Hingst @hingst_jim
For retailers, getting shoppers through the front door is part of the battle. The next challenge is keeping them there. According to industry studies, within 10 seconds of walking through the door, that shopper decides whether to stay or shop elsewhere.

In those precious few moments, the shopper immediately forms an impression about the store based on its appearance. Lighting, cleanliness, color and layout all make an immediate and indelible impression on the shopper. One effective way to give a store interior a facelift is a fresh coat of paint and colorful wall graphics.

Museums, health clubs and schools as well as stores are excellent candidates for wall graphics. In the picture above, a  giant  blueprint   decorates the entire wall space in the Children’s Club House Project at the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park, Saint Louis, MO . Wide format printer, Novachrome , produced  the   mural, which replicates drawings of local landmarks.

Wall graphics opportunities are not limited to store graphics. Museums, health clubs, schools, public buildings,  day care centers and offices are also candidates for programs. Printed wall graphics can give an old location a new look overnight. By remodeling an environment it can also transform the attitudes of employees, students and visitors, giving them a new outlook on life. Read more »