Preventing Wall Graphics Failures

Getting good adhesion to painted wall surfaces has been a problem for sign makers and the manufacturers of vinyl films. Flat finish paints are especially a problem. To help your customer avoid the pitfalls that result in vinyl graphics falling off the wall, here are some guidelines to follow before beginning a wall graphics installation. Read more »

Applying Vinyl Graphics to Textured Wall Surfaces

With the right film, the right application tools and the right techniques, vinyl graphics can be applied to textured wall surfaces such brick and concrete block.    Many of old time decal applicators would heat a  cast vinyl with an industrial heat gun, and burnish  the hot, pliable film into the textured surface using a rivet […] Read more »

Roland Service Technician for Contract Work

Supply55 is seeking a trained Roland service technician to service a population of printers in the Sacramento, California, Carson City, Nevada and Reno, Nevada area. If you’re a trained independent Roland service technician, please contact Supply55 at 734-668-0755 or Read more »

Tips for Cutting Flock Material

If you want to provide your customers the rich look of an embroidered emblem, but the cost of embroidery is too rich for their blood, consider using RTape’s VelCut™  flock material. This velvety soft material is a great alternative at a fraction of the cost. Flock heat transfer appliques are cut in reverse (mirror image). […] Read more »

Table Saw Safety

One of the most used and most versatile power tools is the table saw. It is also one of the most dangerous. Each year more than 40,000 table saw accidents occur.  Many of these accidents result in the loss of a limb. To prevent becoming a statistic, follow these rules: Read more »

Power Carving with Flexible Shaft Tools

Flexible shaft carving systems are not a necessity for woodcarving, but they sure are nice to have for several reasons. Carving with gouges or knives is generally a slow, thoughtful process. To save time I often will use my high speed flexible shaft tool to rough out a carving. With a coarse carbide burr you […] Read more »

Building Work Tables

Building a work table is easy enough for anyone to construct. What’s more, it takes very little time to build. And if you build it right, it could last you the rest of your life. Best yet, the cost is minimal, especially when you consider that you will use your work tables more than any […] Read more »

Problems with Static Electricity

In much of the country September ushers in climatic changes.  As the autumn air becomes colder, the humidity of the air outdoors decreases.  The drop in humidity can result in an increase of problems related with static electricity. Static problems in print shops are further exacerbated, as we switch from air conditioning to a heating […] Read more »

Adhesion Testing

Testing the Bond of an Ink or Paint Whether you are screen printing or painting, the coating must bond to the substrate for the service life of the product.  Depending on the physical properties of the coating that you have selected for a project and the substrate to which the coating will be applied, the […] Read more »

New Mexico Neon on Route 66

Sign makers are getting their kicks restoring vintage neon signs along New Mexico’s portion of Route 66. Brightly-lit sombreros and teepees are entertaining youngsters who are anxious to arrive at their destinations. And many other characters and critters that personify Route 66 are once again being lit up with pride. Read more »