Using Car Wax On Printed Dry Erase Vinyl

My story, How to Minimize Ghosting on Dry Erase Boards,  explains how to condition EZ Erase dry erase vinyl film with Rain-X liquid car wax.  After writing on the film with dry erase markers, you can also use the car wax to wipe the surface clean with no residue or ghosting.

Several sign shop owners questioned whether Rain-X would also remove any printing on the film.  Some dry erase cleaner contain solvents, which will attack ink systems.

To evaluate the effects of the liquid car wax on inks, we tested samples of EZ Erase printed with ecosolvent inks and UV-curable inks. Liberal amounts of the Rain-X car wax were rubbed over the printed images.

Neither of the printed images were affected.  After writing over the printed images, using a Quartet dry erase pen, we used the car wax to clean the surface with no effect on the printing.

NOTE: I have tested many brands of dry erase markers.  In my opinion, the Quartet pens are least likely to ghost or affect the printed images.   For printing on the RTape dry erase film, we also recommend printing with UV-curable inks for the utmost durability.