Time Out

While hard work is important, it is equally important to take time off…

Are you working more now and enjoying it less? Many sign makers work a mentally and physically anguishing 50 to 60 hours a week. Some work even longer.  

I’m going to give you a bit of advice that might get me into trouble with my boss. But here goes anyway: STOP WORKING SO HARD.

Take time out to enjoy your life!

Many of us have more on our plates than we can handle. The natural tendency is to roll up our sleeves, work harder and burn the midnight oil.  According to the International Labor Organization, American workers are the hardest working work force in the world.

On average, we work more than 70 hours a year more than the industrious Japanese and 350 hours a year more than the Europeans.

Although we may lay claim to bragging rights, is it worth it? The Institute for Workplace Studies at Cornell University reported that one third of those working more than sixty hours a week experience problems at home.

An unhappy home life may not be the only price that we pay for overwork.  It also causes problems at work. 

While many believe that what keeps the American economy moving is our work ethic, overwork can actually result in a drop in productivity or output per hour. Here’s why. All work and no play, not only makes Jack a dull boy, it also causes physical and mental fatigue. 

When this happens, you work slower, make more mistakes, and you waste time. Being overworked, week after week, year after year, ultimately leads to hitting the wall and burning out. At this point you absolutely hate your job and you don’t want to do it anymore.

Time Management Recommendations.

There’s more to life than just making a living. What can you do?

  • Make better use of your time. Prioritize your jobs. Work on the most important tasks first.
  • If it’s not your job, just say “NO”.  When you do someone else’s job for them, you are not doing your job.
  • Give yourself a break. After several hours of continuous work, your powers of concentration diminish. A short break will refresh your mind. 
  • Schedule a few long weekends. If you have had to put in extra time on a big project, reward yourself with some time off.
  • Take a lesson from our European friends. Use your vacation time.  Take time off to spend time with your family and enjoy your life. The time off will also give you a chance to recharge your batteries.