Rotator Tape Dispenser

If you regularly use several different types or sizes of application tape, a tape dispenser called the Rotator could be the perfect addition to your shop.  As the name implies, the Rotator is a rotating tape dispenser.

Designed and manufactured by Waterford Signs in Delaware, Ohio, the Rotator is available in a variety of different models in widths of 15”, 30” and 43”. Custom sizes are also available up to 48″ wide. The 30” model, which we purchased for the RTape lab (pictured below), features four spindles. With additional core plugs, each spindle can hold several smaller rolls or one larger roll.  This dispenser is also useful for unrolling packaging paper or vinyl.


The Rotator quickly and easily clamps onto your workbench or table with a “C” clamp.  If your shop is cramped for space, you will love its compact design. You will also love its ease of use. To select the roll that you need, just remove the locking pin and rotate the rolls to the desired position. Then secure the revolving spool by replacing the locking pin. It’s that simple!

Additional information and a video about the Rotator is available on the company’s website at Or call the company at 877-891-5097.