Developing Good Time Management Habits

Our time each day is limited. Here are some time management habits that you should develop to make the best use of your time. When you do a better job of scheduling your time, you will accomplish more of those tasks that will lead to greater business success. What’s more, your life will be less stressful.

  1. Plan tomorrow today. Write out your things to do list the night before your work day. Compile all the information that you will need to accomplish those tasks.  You don’t need to include every conceivable activity. Keep it simple. Only include those critical activities that you can finish in the time you have available. Writing ridiculously long lists that are impossible to complete is not only frustrating but also can result in a break down of your time management system. 
  2. Prioritize.  Organize your things to do list based on the order of their importance. The most important tasks are those which you must accomplish during your work day or that align with your primary business goals. In prioritizing your list, you should get into the habit of asking yourself how a particular task will help you achieve your primary business and personal development goals. Another great question is to ask: how will I turn this activity into cash?
  3. Do it now. Now that you have planned your day and prioritized your activities, put your plan into action. Begin your day by working on those tasks which are your top priorities. As you accomplish each task, cross it off of your list.
  4. Eliminate those tasks from your list which are unnecessary or delegate tasks to a subordinate. Focus your efforts on those activities which are really important in your business.
  5. Avoid reading your email or surfing the web the first thing in the morning.  In addition to avoiding these distractions, let your phone calls go to voicemail. Instead set aside time in the mid-morning, after lunch and near the end of the work day to check messages. When you need to return a phone call, limit the call to no longer than 5 minutes.