Netflix converts hundreds of coffee shops into ‘Gilmore Girls’ diners with QuickMOUNT

Netflix uses QuickMOUNT from Supply55 to covert hundreds of coffee shops into ‘Gilmore Girls’ diners giving fans an extra perk with their morning coffee on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016. More than 200 coffee shops across the country transformed into replicas of Luke’s Diner, the show’s familiar eatery, to promote the series’ revival on Netflix this […] Read more »

Sign Media & Safety Issues Encountered on the Job

In Sign Media Canada, Bill Dundas writes: “Sign installation work requires the proper training, equipment and procedures. When followed and used correctly, these factors combine to create a safe and efficient work environment. Read more »

Application of Vinyl Graphics to Acrylic Signs

When decorating acrylic sheet, selecting the right vinyl film for the job depends on a variety of factors: Read more »

New Mexico Neon on Route 66

Sign makers are getting their kicks restoring vintage neon signs along New Mexico’s portion of Route 66. Brightly-lit sombreros and teepees are entertaining youngsters who are anxious to arrive at their destinations. And many other characters and critters that personify Route 66 are once again being lit up with pride. Read more »

Stripping Vinyl Graphics Made Easy

Stripping vinyl graphics may never become a sign makers’ dream, but it does not have to be a nightmare, either.  Ask most sign makers about stripping vinyl graphics and they’ll cringe. Let’s face it. Stripping vinyl is not the most glamorous of tasks. “Stripping vinyl is the ugly side of our work,” said Frank Barbaria, […] Read more »

Vinyl Application to Polycarbonate Sheet

Even if polycarbonate sheet was covered with a surface protection film, you should always consider the surface contaminated. That means that you must clean the sign face before applying the graphics. Before you prep the substrate with a solvent or detergent, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. For most plastic-sheet applications, the most reliable cleaning method […] Read more »

Painting Expanded PVC Panels

For less demanding applications expanded PVC (EPVC) board  is a good alternative for  short-term outdoor signage, indoor retail signage, P.O.P displays, tradeshow and museum exhibits and for mounting photographs and digital prints. Some of the popular brands that are stocked by sign supply distributors are Sintra®, Celtec, Komatex and Veracel. Available in different densities and finishes and in […] Read more »

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark offers proof positive that effective sign design can inform, entertain, commemorate ­ and stand out in a crowd. Signs speak volumes. But signs in hustling bustling environments often speak too much, too loud, or perhaps even too subtlety to communicate the message. Let’s face it. Poorly designed signs breed a sense […] Read more »

The Challenges of Creating Architectural Signage

Understanding the common pitfalls of creating indoor and outdoor architectural signage before you begin can save headaches for you and your customers. Your clients depend on architectural signage to do more than communicate a message. Architectural signage must also help build the brand name of the company it serves. Read more »