Shortage of skilled workers makes automation necessary!

In many western industrialized nations, there is a shortage of skilled workers everywhere. Also, in film logistics. What to do? Automate …


Many companies already have a shortage of skilled workers – and the trend is likely to continue. Film dealers are also having a hard time finding staff. After all, the work in the roll store and the error-free conversion of film media are demanding and unpopular activities. What could be more obvious than to automate even more? In the following I describe how manual activities and thus the need for (new) workers can be reduced. On the other hand, it is about how to relieve the existing workforce of heavy, tedious or complicated work steps. And lastly, how you can open up new business areas with more automation.

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Constructing More Persuasive Sales Presentations

Early in my sales career I was taught that the job of a salesperson was similar to that of a lawyer presenting his case. Just as an attorney presents proof in court, you provide your prospect with evidence to support your product or offer. As your jury, if your prospect is not moved by your […] Read more »