Hemming Vinyl Banner Material

Sewing is the traditional way to hem the edges of a vinyl banner. Today, you have many other alternative finish methods. Many of these methods are just as reliable as sewing and require less skill. These include banner tape, adhesives, chemical welding, heat welding and RF welding. Each finishing method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Considerations in evaluating each method include equipment cost, floor space requirements, ease of fabrication, durability and reliability of the finished product, as well as fabrication and raw material cost and its impact on pricing.


After investing in a sewing machine, the cost of materials for stitching the edges of banner with nylon thread is an insignificant factor in raw material cost of a banner.  If you decide to sew your own banners, you will need a commercial sewing machine not your wife’s Singer.

A high quality machine will allow you to sew through the heaviest of vinyl banner material. Two commercial sewing machines commonly used for sewing banners are the chain stitch machine and the lockstitch machine. Read more »