Laminating Tips: Silvering

Have you ever seen silvery specs in a laminated print? This defect is called silvering. It’s caused when tiny air bubbles are captured between the adhesive on an overlaminating film and the surface of a print. Silvering is generally most noticeable in the dark shadow areas of a print. Read more »

Laminating Tips

There’s usually more than one way to do something.  Printers and sign makers have devised many different techniques for laminating prints. This story covers procedures that have worked for some industry friends. Hopefully, these tips will help you prevent laminating mishaps, save production time and, most importantly, improve profitability.  Read more »

Superior Solvent Ink™ Nominated in Wide-Format Imaging’s 2014 Readers Choice Top Products Awards

Superior Solvent Ink

Supply55, Inc. a leading provider of unique value added products to the sign, screen and graphic arts market is pleased to announce Superior Solvent Ink has been nominated in Wide-Format Imaging’s 2014 Readers Choice Top Products Awards. Read more »

Applying Vinyl Graphics to Textured Wall Surfaces

With the right film, the right application tools and the right techniques, vinyl graphics can be applied to textured wall surfaces such brick and concrete block.    Many of old time decal applicators would heat a  cast vinyl with an industrial heat gun, and burnish  the hot, pliable film into the textured surface using a rivet […] Read more »

DuPont Surface Cleaners

In the movie, Karate Kid, do you remember the instruction that Mr. Miyagi gives Daniel on waxing a car?“Wax on, right hand. Wax off, left hand. Wax on, wax off.  Don’t forget…very important.” Read more »

Dealing with the “R” Word…Rivets

Learn the time-tested techniques of how to properly apply vinyl over rivets. Discover a five-step process that will help you deal with these annoying, yet necessary fasteners. Wouldn’t life be easier without rivets? Maybe for the vinyl installer. But let’s face it. Rivets are not going away. Learn some tips and tricks from the pros and […] Read more »

Imaged Fabric Adds a Touch of Class to Hum Drum Displays

Fabric is findings its place in the trade show arena and beyond. Discover how this flexible, portable material fits into your business plan. Read more »

Preventing Wall Graphics Failures

Getting good adhesion to painted wall surfaces has been a problem for sign makers and the manufacturers of vinyl films. Flat finish paints are especially a problem. To help your customer avoid the pitfalls that result in vinyl graphics falling off the wall, here are some guidelines to follow before beginning a wall graphics installation. Read more »

How to Apply Window Graphics

Vinyl window graphics provide retailers with several advantages over hand-painted graphics. Cost-effective machine-made graphics consistently reproduce a company’s image from one store location to another to another.  The durability of cast vinyl film is also much greater. Paint systems typically provide three years of durability. If the right films are used, processed according to the manufacturer’s […] Read more »