The Effect of Clear Coating Matte Silver VinylEfx Film

Spraying  RTape Matte Silver VinylEfx® film with a clear coat will change its appearance from a matte finish to a satiny finish. The reason for the change is that this VinylEfx® pattern is textured on the first or outside surface of the film. Other VinylEfx® patterns are embossed on the second surface. When you spray the clear coat on the matte silver, it fills in valleys of the texture. The film will not become as glossy as a Smooth Silver or chrome pattern. But it will look different. Read more »

Introducing Tatoo Printable Heat Transfer Films

RTape Corp. (South Plainfield, NJ) introduces its SEF Tatoo heat transfer film, which is a white, printable, multi-layer polyurethane construction on a polyester liner or carrier. Tatoo films are printable using a wide range of digital printers, including solvent, ecosolvent and latex systems. The brilliance of the facestock and its chemical formulation allow for vibrant […] Read more »

Adhesion Testing

Testing the Bond of an Ink or Paint Whether you are screen printing or painting, the coating must bond to the substrate for the service life of the product.  Depending on the physical properties of the coating that you have selected for a project and the substrate to which the coating will be applied, the […] Read more »

New Mexico Neon on Route 66

Sign makers are getting their kicks restoring vintage neon signs along New Mexico’s portion of Route 66. Brightly-lit sombreros and teepees are entertaining youngsters who are anxious to arrive at their destinations. And many other characters and critters that personify Route 66 are once again being lit up with pride. Read more »

Water Size Recipe for Glass Gilding

In glass gilding, a water size is the glue that adheres gold leaf to the glass. Made of water-clear gelatin and distilled water, it is essential for creating a brilliant gold mirror finish.  Of course, you can also apply gold to glass with oil size, if you want areas of a design to have a […] Read more »

Why Photoluminescent Films Glow In The Dark

Have you ever wondered why photoluminescent films, such as RTape’s GlowEfx™, emit a bright greenish glow when the lights go out? The pigments in photoluminescent films as well as in fluorescent films work very differently than other types of pigments.    Read more »

Fire Extinguishers

When does one size or type of product ever fit every application? In the case of fire extinguishers, the answer is never. Different types of extinguishers are required for different types of fires. Companies are required to provide an adequate number of the right type of fire extinguishers and to ensure that this equipment is […] Read more »

Correcting Plotter Cutting Problems When Cutting Heat Transfer Films

Troubleshooting Checklist If you are having problems cutting polyurethane heat transfer films, check the following possible causes: Read more »

Marvelous Magnets Can Open Up New Revenues from Tradeshows to Vehicles

What do you get when you combine magnets with vinyl? Some marvelously magnetic creations that demand attention. Flexible magnets are opening new marketing doors for companies large and small. In fact, the possibilities are virtually as endless as your imagination. Read more »