Applying Vinyl Graphics to Textured Wall Surfaces

With the right film, the right application tools and the right techniques, vinyl graphics can be applied to textured wall surfaces such brick and concrete block.    Many of old time decal applicators would heat a  cast vinyl with an industrial heat gun, and burnish  the hot, pliable film into the textured surface using a rivet brush for this job. Usually these applications were unsuccessful.  Although the installer may have heated  the film to the recommended temperature, by the time he  burnished the vinyl with the brush, the film was cool again and would stretch back to its original shape. New tools, however, have been developed to make these challenging applications faster,  easier and more secure. Read more »

How to Apply Vinyl Graphics Over Rivets

Applying vinyl graphics on vehicle surfaces with rivets is challenging for most sign makers. Vinyl failures to these surfaces are all too common. Here are some tips and procedures, used by professional decal installers, which will make these demanding applications easier and more trouble-free. Read more »