The Science of Sign Mounting


Every business owner wants to advertise, grow, and expand business. Sign positioning and location are crucial when striving to achieve these goals.

QuickMOUNT™ is an economical, comprehensive sign mounting system for windows, stationary vehicles, and other clean, smooth surfaces.

QuickMOUNT™ is ideal for attention grabbing storefront perpendicular signage. Restaurants, car dealerships, sidewalk shops, and retail stores can promote their sales and deals using this mounting system, which features a frustration free installation process. Virtually every glass or smooth surface six inches wide can support a QuickMOUNT™ system. Installation literally takes seconds!

Follow these easy steps to install and use QuickMOUNT™:

1)     Ensure the sign-mounting surface is clean.

2)     Position QuickMOUNT™ in the desired location on the sign-mounting surface.

3)     Twist to lock: Rotate the QuickMOUNT™ base until the unit snaps and locks with a strong hold.

4)     Insert signage: Align the sign hole with the QuickMOUNTTM, then secure the bolt.

5)     Repeat this process with the remaining sign holes.

Signs may easily display indoors and outdoors with QuickMOUNT™. A major advantage to QuickMOUNT™ is that no additional fasteners or mounting hardware are necessary to mount a sign.

Large suction cups, an alternative to QuickMOUNTTM, require hook attachments to hold up signs. QuickMOUNT™ distinguishes itself from large suction cups in several ways. Large suction cups such as Staples Suction Cups with Hooks and Uline Large Suction Cups with Hooks, are designed with a plunger-like approach. When the cup is pushed down, air expels from the interior of the cup to create a seal. A common problem with large suction cups is that they constantly pull their weight from the window or other sign-mounting surface, increasing the risk they will fall. Another limitation of large suction cups is that they only function for indoor use. While the grip of large suction cups lasts for minutes or hours, the grip of QuickMOUNT™ lasts for days. Valuable time used to position a sign on a store window on a daily basis would quickly add up; better uses of such time would be to stock products, provide customer service, or design new signs.

Instead of using a plunger-like approach, QuickMOUNT™ employs continual negative pressure, which creates a strong, even vacuum seal. This results in a significantly stronger suction maintained by a stabilization flange. A quarter inch hole in the upper and lower corners of the sub-straight allows for the control knobs to securely hold a sign. QuickMOUNT™ is designed to keep pressure on the edge of the foot, maintaining constant surface contact to prevent air from entering the vacuum. As its base rises, the applied force on the flange increases to maintain pressure.

For more information about how QuickMOUNT™ can help your businesses publicize and grow, visit the QuickMOUNTTM information page on the Supply 55 website.