The Lowdown on Laminators

Guardian Laminators

When it comes to printing on sign media, efficiency and user safety are two important goals. Guardian Laminators, available at the Supply55 website, combine operational flexibility with highly reduced injury risk, resulting in a concoction of productivity.

The safety plate ensures finger safety while the machine operator feeds sign media or webs laminate. An emergency stop button sits on the front and rear of Guardian Laminator, increasing the safety. Employees of sign and banner companies may invest more of their concentration on completing projects and less on worries about potential injury.

Premium quality crown rollers supply smooth, even laminate pressure, resulting in dramatic wrinkle free production. Wrinkles in sign media are capable of producing heavy damage to signs and banners, resulting the necessity to re-laminate or even re-do the project. A lower threat of this wrench in the banner and sign creation process is a comforting thought to manufacturers.

The NIP adjustment tweaks the laminating thickness and pressure settings. Guardian Laminators are entirely steel constructed (guaranteeing superb sturdiness), is able to laminate and mount media up to 65 inches wide. With the optional ReelPRO takeup system attached, Guardian Laminators can spool jobs that are dozens of feet long. The variable speed capability allows for speeds up to 23 feet per minute. That is multiple banners laminated every minute. The drop in mandrel system promotes easy laminate loading and adjusting, which operate forward and reverse, smoothly and effortlessly. The foot pedal allows for efficient hands free control and the mandrel roller controls are quick and easy to adjust. Guardian Laminators feature a standard lower mandrel, in addition to an optional media mandrel kit can be added for additional ease of use. The Magic Bar System utilizes both upper idler bar and lower idler bar for improved material handling. The “auto-control” setting, when selected, runs the lamination process automatically, eliminating the need for frequent operator assistance. The idler bar system assures even roller contact and the media table can be easily removed for direct access to the crowned silicone rollers.

Guardian Laminators are workflow products, which encourage smoothness and improved efficiency when laminating media printed on an ink jet printer.

Visit the Guardian Laminators page on the Supply55 website to learn more about achieving stellar lamination results in an operator-safe manner.