NEPATA Receives Innovation Award for Film Separator

Information about the ICE Innovation Award

First place in the innovation competition at the international trade fair ICE Europe: Nepata recently received the ICE Award for its DL1650 film separator, which separates the film from the backing paper in self-adhesive films. The world first was awarded in the category “Sustainable Products and Finishing Processes”.

The vote was very clear with 77.2% of the votes. Winners were determined by an online vote on the fair website. There were a total of 37 submissions with 1,370 votes cast in four categories: Digital Converting Solutions, Sustainable Products and Processing, Efficient Production Solutions and Innovative Specialty Films.

Information on the NEPATA DL1650

This innovation avoids plastic waste and its expensive disposal: Special machine builder Nepata has developed a new type of machine, the DL 1650 film separator, which separates the film from the carrier paper in self-adhesive films. This makes it possible to obtain recyclable, pure PVC from rolls with production faults. During the manufacture of self-adhesive films, the coating process, waste material is created. Previously, the faulty film rolls required expensive disposal, because the bonded plastic and paper can’t be recycled. 

The Nepata DL1650 film separator is the worldwide first machine to facilitate automatic delamination. It separates the layers and rewinds PVC film and release liner individually. For a 50 meter roll, the process takes only about two minutes. The first film separator is in operation 24 hours a day at a film manufacturer and can recover several thousands of tons of pure PVC each year.

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Quotes Ing. Fabian Franke, Managing Director Nepata “We are especially pleased that: The ICE Awards are an audience prize. Practitioners from the international converting industry have chosen the Nepata film separator as the clear winner in the category “Sustainable Products and Finishing Processes.”

“For Nepata, this is a great endorsement that our world first is closing a real gap – and that we can contribute to the urgent recycling problem in film media.”

“The Nepata DL1650 is the first machine to allow for automatically separating defective self-adhesive film on rolls and output recyclable, virgin PVC. Thus, the film separator is a good complement to our existing range of machines for efficient rewinding, cutting and slitting.” 

Quotes Nicola Hamann, Managing Director of Mack Brooks Exhibitions​,  In her speech, Nicola Hamann, Managing Director of Mack Brooks Exhibitions, thanked the exhibitors for their many innovative contributions and extraordinary achievements in the converting industry.

At the award ceremony, Nicola Hamann, Managing Director of Mack Brooks Exhibition, said: “It is remarkable to what extent exhibiting companies are distinguished by their contributions to the ICE Awards through excellence, innovation and industry service. The current boom in the industry is fueled by such technological innovation from pioneering companies in the converting industry.”

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