How Work-Holding Devices Can Enhance Your Workflow


The need to hold media down throughout the sign and banner production process can often slow down process through tying up one’s hands, which could be better used to assist with other production aspects.

An extra hand available to hold an x-acto knife or straight edge is always helpful.

MediaGRIP™ is an economical and user-friendly work-holding device developed by Supply55 to assist with cutting media on two axes. Using the device frees hands, salvaging precious manufacturing time. The intuitive design of MediaGRIPTM promotes quick and easy use, installation, and removal. Ideal for precisely cutting labels, using heat transfer material, and making multiple prints, MediaGRIP™ has a long lifespan with minimal maintenance needs. At a shipping weight of just 4.2 pounds, MediaGRIP™ is 5.75 inches wide, with a 1.5 inch reach adjustment. It is 5 inches tall.

MediaGRIPfeatures a rubber grip, which promotes easy handling, in addition to adjustable grip placement. The accompanying table bracket is easy to install.

Sign and banner creators may use MediaGRIP™ to align and clamp media, cut horizontal axes, and cut vertical axes.

When doing fabrication and cutting, it is helpful to align and clamp media, in order to secure the media easily and quickly. No need to worry about media slipping out of place during delicate and crucial steps to the sign and banner making process! 

The next step is to cut the horizontal axes.

When all horizontal cuts are finalized, cut the vertical axes. Begin at the furthest margin from MediaGRIP™, and then progressively work toward the clamp.

When the need to adjust or tighten grip placement arises, a common crescent wrench does the job, no sweat! 

The separate mounting bracket design of MediaGRIP™ allows for easy detachment from media on a whim. Once the sign or banner is complete, simply detach it from MediaGRIP™ and proceed with the next step, no time wasted. 

One major function of MediaGRIP™, is to apply a pre-mask. Pre-mask, also known as application tape or transfer tape, essentially transfers graphics and decals to their final frontier.

MediaGRIP™ users need to complete four easy steps to perform a successful pre-mask: 

1)     Clamp the pre-mask and media firmly at one end.

2)     Unroll the pre-mask and flatten it out evenly.

3)     Squeegee the pre-mask to provide even contact with material and eliminate wrinkles.

4)     Trim excess, starting with the cuts leading away from the clamp.

 Check out the MediaGRIP™ information page on the Supply55 website for a comprehensive video demonstration of the pre-mask process.