Go Coreless!


The NEPATA UA770 Coreless is a 30″ high performance rewinder engineered to support rewinds with or without a paper core. 

Engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards, the NEPATA UA770 Coreless yields precise, accurate rewinds and crosscuts across a wide range of flexible media without a paper core, including: self-adhesive films, sandblasting films, vehicle wrap films, magnetic films, flex films, flock films, window tint films, digital print media, heat transfer material (HTM), banner material, photo paper, papers, wallpaper, reflective films, mesh, dye sublimation transfer paper, and more.

Expand your converting capability with the UA770 Coreless Rewinder from NEPATA. Engineered to rewind media up to 77cm or 30 inches in width without a paper core yielding an inner core diameter after rewinding of approximately 35mm or 1.40 inches. The UA770 features a pneumatically activated tension shaft that clamps the material securely for rewinding. When the rewind is complete, the shaft reduces in size so the converted roll can be removed with ease.

The UA770 also includes the NEPATA pre-feeding unit with a digital measuring system, optical edge detection sensor, and an automatic crosscutter that cuts the material after the rewind process. The coreless rewinder accurately and quickly measures film rolls with a maximum diameter of 400mm or 16 inches while cutting exact short rolls up to a diameter of 100mm or 4 inches.

Fully compatible with NEPATA ConvertPlus2 software, providing full control over converting workflow, including ERP integration, bar code scanning, lot number traceability, and label printing. The UA770 also includes a touch panel display to configure operating modes and systems settings. 


  • Precise accurate coreless rewinds
  • Rewinding and trimming as wide as 30 inches
  • Supports rewinding to 40mm and 2″ cores inaddition to coreless rewinding
  • 99.9% rewinding accuracy
  • High hourly throughput with maximum production flexibility
  • Automatic pneumatic clamping
  • Full compatibility with ConvertPlus2 software for label printing, lot number traceability, and product labeling for master rolls and sheets
  • Metric and Imperial system support
  • Quick return on investment through productivity gains, error and waste reduction


Rewinds Per HourUp to 140 – 5′ rewinds per hour
Maximum Media Width77cm or 30″
Maximum diameter, master roll16″
Core diameter master roll3″ standard (2″ optional)
Core rewinding support40mm or 2″ / 605mm or 25″ wide
Trimming accuracy99.9%
Compressed Air RequiredSix (6) Bars
Measuring accuracy99.9% 
Core Diameter 2″ (optional)
Maximum Sheet Length1,000mm or 39″
Minimum Sheet Length50mm or 1.96″
Maximum Media Thickness1mm*
Maximum roll weight25kg or 55 Lbs
Power requirementsAC voltage 230V / 50Hz – 60Hz
Power input1500W
Power adapterPlug L6-30P, Receptacle L6-30R
Working environment41°f to 95°f
Dimensions of the machineTBD

*Depends on material being used. Please call us to discuss your application.

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