EcoSolventPRO Ink


Every sign and banner company strives to produce premium quality products while retaining maximum profit. Minimizing production cost is a mammoth steppingstone to this goal. Sign and banner companies should maintain mindfulness of how the type of ink they purchase might directly contribute to embracing or stopping short of this ideal.

EcoSolventPRO ink performs superbly in Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, and other printers designed to run mild solvent inks. Epson DX4/DX5 print head technology, EcoSolventPro ink’s operating system, is a screen printing alternative and is ideal for short run production. As read on the Epson website, MicroPiezo technology fuels Epson Printers; tiny nozzles spout ink, vibrating tens of thousands of times per second. The rapid shooting of ink droplets occurs without heat intervention, therefore ensuring stable, uniform ink droplets with no misting, grain, or satellites. Ultra Micro DotTMink droplets – smaller than a human hair – populate the sign media. Such precision power is amazing!

Because EcoSolventPRO ink is produced in a world class, ISO 9001 facility, optimal quality is a guarantee. OEM inks (original equipment manufacturer inks) such as Epson OEM inks are another option, if one is willing to spend about 30% more money. Overall, OEM inks produce equivalent, or slightly lower, results. Aligning EcoSolventPRO ink and OEM inks side-by-side, drying time, odor level, and alcohol resistance are equal. While the aforementioned aspects are equal, EcoSolventPRO ink has superior scratch resistance, spans a wider color gamut, and is more affordable. Additionally, EcoSolventPRO ink endures for up to two years. Sign and banner manufacturers who scour the market for quality ink at a bargain would benefit from comparing quality of various inks, in order to make a profitable purchase. 

Sold in 440ml cartridges as well as 1 Liter bottles at Supply55, EcoSolventPRO ink fuels work of small and large sign companies alike. There is a size for anyone and everyone in the sign and banner printing industry.

EcoSolventPro ink prints on three different types of material: scrim banner material, vinyl, and heat transfer material.

Polyester fabric sandwiched between two layers of scrim vinyl comprises scrim banner material. This design has an extremely low chance of tearing. Banners outside of furniture stores advertising the latest clearance sale or banners hanging by a rope between two trees at the company picnic are examples of scrim banner material. 

Commonly the media for stickers, decals, vehicle wraps, and signs, vinyl comes in handy. Remember the last time you noticed a car detail enthusiast sporting bright lighting bolts on car doors? EcoSolventPro ink over vinyl was the likely medium.

Heat transfer material is frequently seen as the numbers on sports uniforms. Whether it’s a child’s little league baseball uniform or Denard Robinson’s blue and gold #16 on TV during a bowl game, the material is prevalent in the public eye. 

EcoSolventPro ink is manufactured to Supply55’s specifications. For more information on EcoSolventPro ink’s power of helping sign and banner companies inflate product quality while saving the most money, visit the EcoSolventPRO ink page on the Supply55 website.