BannerPro Professional Banner Hemming System


Since time is money, saving money means saving time.  When it comes to sign BannerPROand banner creation, this concept especially reigns true. The less time between sign conceptualization and sign completion, the more benefits reaped. Naturally, a sign on display sooner, and therefore longer, can make a difference in, say, campaign returns, or the number of items sold in a week. BannerProTM, an efficient and low cost professional banner hemming system, maximizes efficiency and convenience.  It is a workflow product because it promotes workflow smoothness, therefore expediting production processes.

BannerProTM, constructed with heavy-duty steel, employs impulse heat. Impulse heat quickly heats and cools the welding device on BannerProTM, resulting in an energy surge that forms a strong weld. The foot pedal, which controls BannerPro’sTM power and heat, enables both of the machine operator’s hands (which could be used to guide sign media or perform other tasks) to be free during the sign manufacturing process. Heating and cooling are completely dependent on the foot pedal’s compression.  The solid-state electronic timer guarantees consistent welds with every use.

BannerProTM (patent pending) which is available at Supply55, performs banner hemming, creates pole pockets, and makes pocket signs.

Pockets signs, also known as bag signs, are an alternative to Coroplast signs. Sign manufacturers do not need to purchase vinyl or step stakes to complete and display their finished sign. When utilized, pocket signs hang on a wire or “u” shaped stake, otherwise called a political stake. Speaking of “political,” an abundance of these signs displayed last November may have even influenced your vote.

Pole pockets, which enable people to insert a pole through a banner’s height or length, are invaluable marketing tools. Remember the last time you spotted a lantern sign advertising a festival or charitable organization? Thank pole pockets. Pole pockets are important features of parade banners. Marching band members often flaunt their school slogan in the Memorial Day parade using these nifty banner elements.

Perimeter hems, or banner hems, ensure sign durability while providing signs with a clean, finished, and professional appearance. Signs look sharp and possess enough strength to hold up in the elements, including, but not limited to, wind generated by cars driving or from a severe rainstorm.